Summer schools in Antigua: A lifesaver for expat parents. Keep kids entertained while you work. Find the perfect fit for your child!

Are There Reliable Summer Schools in Antigua for My Kids If I Relocate There?

If you're a digital nomad considering relocation, does the idea of living in a safe, family-friendly Caribbean paradise pique your interest? If so, then Antigua should be at the top of your list.

This island nation offers an enticing digital nomad visa program that makes setting up a base on the island a practical and attractive option. To get your digital nomad visa and that of your family without any hassle, you can work with Citizens International, a trusted provider of private client services for citizenship and residency by investment.

To help you navigate the process of relocating to Antigua, we've collaborated with our expert, Stephen Hector, from Parklane Properties. As a well-known figure in the local real estate market, Stephen has extensive knowledge of the island and can guide you in finding the ideal property to call home.

Beyond the visa benefits and family-friendly atmosphere, Antigua caters to its seasonal residents with a variety of exceptional summer school programs. This ensures your kids are kept engaged, entertained, and learning throughout their time on the island. From the dynamic offerings at the Antigua International School to the exciting sailing adventures at the National Sailing Academy, there are endless opportunities for your little ones to thrive and make lasting memories.

Imagining finding the perfect home to complement your family's needs is where Parklane Properties and Stephen Hector come into play. Stephen can help you explore the best neighborhoods, whether you're drawn to the lush Gardens or the beachfront houses. Parklane's team truly cares about their clients, and who better to help you settle into your new home than a local like Stephen?

So, if you're ready to take the plunge and embrace the digital nomad life in a safe, family-friendly paradise, Antigua should be at the top of your list. With its enticing visa program, secure environment, abundance of summer enrichment opportunities for your kids, and the expertise of Parklane Properties and Stephen Hector, this island oasis is poised to become your family's new favorite destination.

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