Can a Ukrainian citizen open a bank account in Antigua?

Yes, Ukrainian citizens can open a bank account in Antigua. Antigua and Barbuda's banking sector has emerged as a beacon for local and international clients, enticing foreign nationals with its robust political framework and advanced infrastructure. This allure is amplified for Ukrainian citizens, considering the 0% individual income tax rate since 2019 and the opportunity for citizenship by investment, highlighting Antigua and Barbuda's appeal as a stable, welcoming offshore banking jurisdiction.

Additionally, being a Commonwealth country, Antigua and Barbuda operates under a standard legal system, offering legal familiarity and security for Ukrainians accustomed to European legal frameworks. The oversight of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) ensures a regulated and secure banking experience.

Certain financial institutions might provide tailored solutions for international customers, such as multi-currency account options. Additionally, it's worth exploring the best bank around Jolly Harbour!

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