Can I hike near Jolly Harbour

Can I hike near Jolly Harbour?

Definitely yes! You can go hiking near Jolly Harbour. If you want to do some outdoor activity and at the same time get to know a little more of the nature of this region, hiking is an excellent choice. Here you will find a series of ideal places for walking or hiking.

To start this group of ideal places for hiking, you can go for a walk to Jolly Hill. This is a mountain with a height of 37 meters. It is a small mountain in Jolly Harbour. So, this spot is located between the Ebenezer and Bolands areas. Also, there is a short but difficult hike to the top of Jolly Hill, which is worth it for the views. The trail is steep and rocky in places, so it is important to wear sturdy shoes and be careful. There is no shade on the trail, so be sure to bring sun protection and a hat.

For hiking near Jolly Harbour you can also visit one of these three spots in the north of the region: Leonard Hill, Saddle Hill and Flat Top Hill. These are three hiking spots in close proximity to each other. The first mountain has a maximum height of 99 meters, the second of 124 meters, and the last of 122 meters.

Moreover, to enjoy beautiful scenery, including a lake, you can retire a little from the port of Jolly Harbour. To the east of this region you will find the Greencastle Hill National Park. In this place you can also find the Megaliths Of Greencastle Hill. If you take this walk, you are sure to enjoy the view of Greencastle Hill Lake. You'll find it's worth it to get out of the city and into this natural paradise.

On the other hand, to the south of the mentioned park, Mount McNish is located. With a height of 320 meters, you must be prepared if you want to reach the highest point. This would be a more challenging route, so we recommend you to be prepared with enough water, snacks and appropriate clothing for this activity.

If this desire to hike arose without previous preparation, we leave you here some sport stores where you can find the appropriate shoes and clothing for hiking. In Jolly Harbour unfortunately you will not find sports stores, but you will find them in the north of this region, in St. John's. You can go to the following places:

  • The Athlete's Foot: this is a clothing and shoe store specializing in sports.
  • Shoe Palace Footwear & Sports: here you will find a wide variety of shoes for hiking and other sports.
  • DOPE Men Fashion: here you will find a variety of men's clothing, including footwear options.

After discovering these options, you will have no excuse not to go hiking near Jolly Harbour. Always keep in mind to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun when doing these outdoor activities.

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