Hotel in Jolly Harbour

Can you recommend any hotel in Jolly Harbour?

Yes! We can recommend some hotels in Jolly Harbour where it would be a pleasure to stay. What these hotels have in common is that they are located very close to the coast, having quick access to the crystal clear waters of Jolly Harbour.

Firstly, to start with this selection of hotels on the west side of Antigua, we begin with Cocos Hotel. This hotel is ideal for couples. It caters to those who seek a relaxing place with beautiful views, exquisite pools, and beach access. It does not come recommended for families or individuals seeking a party atmosphere, and it is unsuitable for people with limited physical capacity, as it demands good mobility to navigate the hotel. The prices of this hotel usually start at XCD 1.485 per night, depending on the season and the type of room or package you choose. These prices can go up to XCD 2.200 per night approximately. This hotel has all-inclusive plans, which include meals, drinks and snacks. This place promises a unique experience, with cozy, lovely and modern spaces.

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To continue with this group of Jolly Harbour hotels, we continue with Keyonna Beach Resort.
This place also characterizes itself as all-inclusive (meals, drinks, and snacks). This resort also receives recommendations for adult couples and escapists. It is ideal for those looking for a paradisiacal space, with incredible views and special spaces, such as furniture tents and beds overlooking the sea. It stands out for the beauty of its facilities, giving pleasure to the eye. Thus, prices range from XCD 1.485 to XCD 2.050 approximately per night.

Moreover, we would like to introduce you to Cocobay Resort. This place is located next to Coco Beach. This all-inclusive hotel (food, drinks and snacks) is a perfect place for couples. In fact, it is an adults-only resort, and prices range from XCD 1.080 to XCD 2.200. It offers cottages with private balconies, restaurants, an outdoor pool and a spa. This hotel also has promotions and temporary discounts to which you should pay attention to take advantage of their best prices. 

On the other hand, for those who like an external experience, directly on the beach, we recommend Wild Lotus Glamping. These outdoor tents offer a direct connection to the marine panorama. For a couple of nights in this place you can pay from XCD 1.220 to XCD 1.650. This accommodation includes breakfast and is suitable for children.

So, for all these accommodations, we recommend you contact them in advance and find out about the offers and packages they offer depending on the season of your trip. Take into account this list of hotels for your visit to the island. Enjoy your trip!

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