Do Digital Nomads Pay Zero Percentage Taxes in Antigua?

Do Digital Nomads Pay Zero Percentage Taxes in Antigua?

I bet you are here because you are considering going to Antigua and Barbuda as a Digital Nomad and want to know if you need to pay taxes. Well, you are in luck because we have the answer for you. Just keep on reading!

Taxes are always a very important topic that comes up in people’s research as they look for the next place to set up shop as digital nomads. In some countries, you don’t have to pay taxes, while in others, they can go as high as 40%.

That’s why Antigua and Barbuda is such a special place for Digital Nomads from all over the world. It has a specific Visa for people looking for this type of lifestyle.

This is called the Digital Nomad Visa, and it is the golden ticket to a dream life. It will take you from the sad little cubicle you used to work into the beachfront cafe, where you can start your day barefoot while you select the best seat.

The Digital Nomad Visa allows you to work in a tropical paradise with high-speed internet, a delicious offering of cuisine, fantastic weather, and a rich culture to help you cure those moments of boredom between projects! It is as easy to get as ordering a piña colada—just a few forms, a sprinkle of paperwork, and voila!

Don’t believe us? If only we could show you our view here in Jolly Harbour as we finish writing this article, which is about halfway through our Digital Nomad Visa. You will not get more first-hand expertise than this!

This Visa is available to anyone but was specially tailored for people who want to mix work and pleasure and spend their working days in a paradise like Antigua and Barbuda. Whether you are a seasoned freelancer or a startup entrepreneur with a laptop and a dream, Antigua and Barbuda welcomes you with open arms (and possibly a cocktail or two). Say goodbye to office politics and hello to coconut-infused brainstorming sessions.

But here comes the central question: Do I have to pay taxes in Antigua and Barbuda? The answer is relatively easy and one that makes this type of Visa so interesting - no, you, as a digital nomad, are not required to pay any taxes in comparison to the inhabitants of Antigua and Barbuda, who pay property taxes varying between 0.2% and 0.5% depending on the property. You must continue to pay taxes in your home country and cannot earn any money in Antigua and Barbuda.


With this Visa, you can start thinking about where you will spend all the extra money you will now have on your account that was supposed to go to taxes. Snorkeling, sunset cruises, or an upgrade on your beachfront villa are all valid options.

No more sweating over tax forms or watching your hard-earned dollars vanish into the abyss of government coffers. Instead, you can channel that money into living your best island life.

Getting this Visa will be the best step you will take to get that dream life in Antigua. Although the process is quite simple, it is always helpful to have someone local help you expedite it. Citizens International does that, and they have helped thousands of people make their dream of living and working in the Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda come true. 

No more headaches with the Visa, no more questions about how to fill out certain forms—Citizens International will be your guide throughout the entire process!

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