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Event: MBS Fitness Challenge

The Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) is organizing a Run, Walk and Ride Fitness Challenge. This will be held on November 4, 2023. The challenge starts from the MBS Headquarters to Ffryes Beach, St. John’s. This event starts at 4:00am. Participants should arrive at 3:55 am for the warm-up session.

So, winners will receive a reward prize for being the first to reach the finish line. There are three winners associated with this race: first finisher walking, first finisher running and first finisher on wheels. Also, this activity includes some refreshments, police escort, red cross service and entertainment along the route.

To learn more about MBS, this is one of the columns of the health system in Antigua. Its vision is to aspire to become an organization known for its customer-centric approach, service excellence, accountability, integrity and fairness. On the other hand, some of its missions are:

  • Granting Scheme beneficiaries access to healthcare services.
  • Raising public awareness about the significance of embracing healthy lifestyles.
  • Offering financial assistance for healthcare facility construction and upkeep.

The MBS is committed year after year to carrying out activities that promote the well-being, health and good of the community. If you are interested in this type of outdoor activities, we recommend reading about outdoor activities in Antigua.

- 2023-11-04
4595+V8P, Nevis St, St John's, Antigua & Barbuda

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