Event: Oyster World Rally 2024-25

Commencing on the 14th of January 2024, the Oyster World Rally 2024-25 fleet will commence its epic journey from Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, embarking on an extraordinary circumnavigation, marking the fourth edition of this fully-supported event. Featuring 22 Oyster yachts ranging from 50 to 90 feet and representing eight different nationalities, this Rally promises a unique adventure filled with transformative experiences.

Over the course of 16 months, the fleet will traverse three oceans, covering a distance of 27,000 nautical miles. The meticulously planned route takes participants to some of the world’s most breathtaking cruising grounds and sailing destinations. Carefully timed to capitalize on global weather patterns, the itinerary ensures that each location is enjoyed to the fullest, allowing for ample cruising time at the conclusion of each passage.

The Oyster team is actively involved from the onset of the journey, assisting in the selection of the perfect Oyster yacht and providing comprehensive training for owners and crew. As the expedition unfolds, expert Oyster Technical and Logistics teams are stationed on the ground to offer continuous support, enabling the fleet to optimize their time at each stopover.

at: 12:00 AM
Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

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