Hurricane Lee

Has Hurricane Lee impacted Antigua?

Hurricane Lee's visit alerted the Caribbean. However, Hurricane Lee do not impacted Antigua. This hurricane formed on September 5, from southwest of Cape Verde (Africa). It escalated from category 1 to category 5 (with winds reaching 165 mph.). Fortunately, though, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda remained unscathed. In fact, the hurricane came a little close to the Caribbean islands, but not close enough to affect them too much.

Antigua and Barbuda remained on alert ever since the hurricane's announcement, as the National Disaster Preparedness Office (NDPO) emphasized the significance of residents establishing their hurricane preparedness plans. The NDPO advised residents to closely monitor the system's progress and ensure they stocked hurricane preparedness supplies.

In fact, the Fox Weather site (from Fox News) states that the hurricane passed over some island nations; however, they did not issue Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warnings for places like Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe or Dominica. We can say that the inhabitants of Antigua and Barbuda feel relief because this hurricane has had minimal impact on the islands. So, only some sustained winds were recorded to the east of the region.

The hurricane season in Antigua and Barbuda runs from June 1st to November 31st. However, the months with the highest probability of this natural phenomenon is from August to October. These twin-island nations face the risk of hurricanes or tropical storms affecting them. Their geography renders them especially vulnerable to these weather events.

During hurricane season, the region remains alert and informed. They usually take basic precautions to keep themselves safe during hurricanes. These precautions can be: Prepare an emergency kit with uncooked food, water, flashlights, batteries, medicines, personal hygiene items, baby items, documents, clothing, first aid and bedding. Secure doors, have shutters ready, trim trees, clear the yard, lower antennas and keep informed through local media.

Antigua and Barbuda's government is ready for hurricanes with plans, evacuations, and awareness campaigns. They take hurricanes seriously, but residents and visitors should also stay alert and follow official advice during hurricane season. Stay safe!

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