How much time will it take to buy a property in Antigua

How much time will it take to buy a property in Antigua?

I have to tell you that it depends on how particular you are! Do you want undeveloped land, a pre-owned villa or one of the newly built developments? Like all real estate markets, you will have choices. You need to do your research and make sure all the paperwork is in order. For that we absolutely recommend contracting a local legal or property expert. But if all the different elements line up correctly, purchasing a villa can take little as a couple months, up to a year, or longer.

If you are in a rush we recommend buying a pre-built from a reputable development company like Elmsbridge. Firms like Elmsbridge have paperwork and legal documentation pre-approved and reading for your legal team. Details like that can save you months of grief when dealing with a non-professional seller. One such example, The Gardens in Jolly Harbour, a really well put together community and project. Owning a place in the Caribbean is most people's dream, so count yourself lucky and play it smart with the right team.

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