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Is it legal to buy Cuban cigars on the island?

You're in for a treat in Antigua! Guess what? You can legally enjoy the finest Cuban cigars on the island! Imagine yourself strolling through this captivating Caribbean destination, where the aroma of freshly caught fish fills the air and the vibrant local culture brings a smile to your face. As the sun begins to set, you'll meet a friendly old lady, her eyes sparkling with stories to tell. And what's in her hand? A prized Cuban cigar, enjoyed legally right here in Antigua! Join her in savoring the rich flavors and relaxing with a legal indulgence that adds an extra touch of charm to your experience. Antigua warmly welcomes you to embrace its laid-back vibes, where fishing tales and legal cigars make for unforgettable memories. Get ready to dive into a world of flavors, culture, and friendly encounters, as Antigua invites you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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