safe to park my rental car outside my villa

Is it safe to park my rental car outside my villa?

Parking your rental car outside your villa is generally safe in Antigua, but it's important to take some basic precautions to prevent theft or damage to your vehicle.

Here are some tips for safe parking outside your villa:

  • Choose a well-lit and visible area to park your car, preferably in a location where it is visible from your villa.
  • Consider parking in a gated or fenced area, if possible.
  • Lock your car and roll up the windows when you park.
  • Avoid leaving valuables visible in your car, such as phones, laptops, or bags.
  • Consider using a steering wheel lock or other anti-theft device when parking for an extended period.

If you are concerned about the safety of your rental car in Antigua, ask the staff or owner of the villa for their advice on where to park.

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