What are the best places for living in Antigua

What are the best places for living in Antigua?

If you are considering living in Antigua, we will tell you a little about the best places for living on the island. It is a beautiful Caribbean region with 365 beaches, plenty of sun, tons of water sports, and great investment potential, especially in tourism and services. It's a lush, tropical paradise that's one of the hottest destinations for travelers and investors alike. So, we tell you about the places that the inhabitants prefer to settle there.

  • Jolly Harbour: Located on the west coast of Antigua, Jolly Harbour is a gated community with a variety of amenities, including a marina, golf course, shops, restaurants, and bars. It is a popular choice for families and retirees. The Jolly Harbour port is a great place to dock your yacht or boat while you explore Antigua and the surrounding islands. It is a great place to live, with a variety of villas and apartments available for rent or purchase. There you can find specialized marine and boat stores, such as: Budget Marine, Jolly Harbour Marina Office and Brightwork Detailing and Refinishing. By the way, if you like golf, we invite you to see what you need to go to Jolly Harbour Golf Club.
  • English Harbour: It is located on the south coast of Antigua. English Harbour is a historic port town that is now a popular tourist destination. It is known for its beautiful scenery, Nelson's Dockyard (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and its many restaurants and bars.
  • St. John's: The capital city of Antigua, St. John's is the most populous and developed area on the island. It is home to a variety of amenities, including shops, restaurants, bars, schools, and hospitals.
  • Hawksbill Bay: It’s located on the west coast of Antigua. So, Hawksbill Bay is a beautiful beach with a number of luxury resorts and villas. It is a popular choice for tourists and expats alike.
  • Dickenson Bay: Located on Antigua's northwest coast, Dickenson Bay is another beautiful beach with numerous resorts and villas. It is also a popular choice for both tourists and expatriates.
  • Cedar Valley: If you prefer a more suburban and tranquil environment, choose Cedar Valley. It is just outside St. John's. This place is a residential neighborhood with homes and apartments. It's close to amenities and schools.
  • Freetown: Freetown is a residential area in the hilly central part of the island. It offers a cooler climate and beautiful views. It's a peaceful and scenic option for those who prefer a more rural lifestyle.

So, these are some of the main options. However, depending on the type of property you want, we recommend you to consult a real estate specialist. Some of these specialist options may include: Park Lane Properties and Luxury Locations Real Estate Antigua. Also, Absolute Properties Antigua Ltd, Antigua Estates and more.

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