the top five beaches in Antigua

What are the top five beaches in Antigua?

If you are looking for an island in the Caribbean to spend a vacation, Antigua should be among your choices. With over 365 beaches to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to start. However, here we bring you the top five beaches in Antigua.

  • Dickenson Bay: It is one of the most popular beaches in Antigua, and for good reason. It has a long stretch of soft white sand and calm, shallow waters, making it perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. There are also a number of restaurants and bars located along the beach, such as Salt Life Tours Beach Bar, Bayside Restaurant and Ana's On The Beach. So, you can easily grab a bite to eat or a drink without having to leave this bay.

  • Jolly Beach: It is a lively beach located on the west coast of Antigua. It is known for its soft white sand, calm waters, and a variety of water sports activities. There are also a number of restaurants and bars located along the beach, making it a great place to spend the day. Some of the bars/restaurants you can find in this beach are: Pop up Beach Bar, Sandra's Beach Shop Bar and Grill and Jolly Beach. Besides, the Jolly Beach Resort & Spa is also located next to this beach.

  • Ffryes Beach: This is another highly recommended beach on the island. It is located to the west of the island. THis bay also stands out for its aquamarine waters. Being in this beach you have at hand bars/restaurants such as: Ffryes Beach Bar/ Dennis Restaurant and Fryes Tiki Beach Bar.

  • Darkwood Beach: It is a unique beach located on the southwest coast of Antigua. It is known for its black sand, formed by crushed coral and volcanic ash. There is even a lagoon parallel to the beach, which gives it an original panorama. Also, the beach is home to sea turtles and rays, which makes it an ideal place for snorkeling or scuba diving. Next to this beach you will find the Sunset Horizon Restaurant & Bar, Darkwood Beach Bar and Restaurant and Aunty Cavell's Restaurant.

  • Half Moon Bay: This beach is located east of the island of Antigua. This bay is a perfect crescent of soft pink and white sands. Surrounded by beautiful lush green hills, it offers a serene and secluded getaway. The beach is excellent for swimming and snorkeling, with lively marine life to explore. Near this beach you can find bars such as: Beach Bum Bar & Cafe and Smiling Harry's Thirst Quencher. 

Finally, here we describe a little bit about the top five beaches in Antigua. However, most of its beaches are excellent and for sure you will not regret visiting them, either for a refreshing swim or to contemplate the beautiful scenery.

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