What is the cultural significance of the neighboring regions

What is the cultural significance of the neighboring regions?

The neighboring regions of Saint John, Antigua and Barbuda, have rich cultural histories influenced by a mix of indigenous, African, European, and Caribbean traditions. Saint Kitts and Nevis, for example, has a vibrant carnival culture and is known for its calypso and soca music. Saint Barthélemy, on the other hand, has a distinct French influence in its culture and cuisine. Guadeloupe is known for its Creole culture and traditional dances like the Gwo Ka. Montserrat has a unique cultural blend of African, Irish, and Caribbean traditions, and is known for its St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Saint Lucia is famous for its lively festivals and events, including the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival and the Saint Lucia Carnival. These neighboring regions offer a diverse range of cultural experiences for visitors to explore and appreciate.

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