When does the ferry service between Antigua and Montserrat start

When does the ferry service between Antigua and Montserrat start?

The ferry service between Antigua and Montserrat starts on November 2nd, 2023. The vessel will run five days a week during regular times and increase to six days a week during peak periods, particularly in December 2023 and March 2024. Here we tell you more details about this new service.

The new boat can accommodate up to 245 passengers, but it will not operate at this maximum capacity unless the Montserrat government specifies otherwise. So, the estimated average capacity per trip is 190 passengers. This project began with the signing of the contract between the government of Montserrat with NAVIYUC S.A. De C.V., boat service.

Moreover, the ferry service between Montserrat and Antigua will provide a round-trip ticket for approximately XCD 540. To book online, visit the official website, which will be accessible when the system goes live on October 27th. This is an initial rate, but this service will later publish more details and official fixed rates.

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Therefore, the summary of ferry service between Antigua and Montserrat is a major development for both islands. It will make it easier for travelers to visit both islands, and it will also increase trade and commerce between the two.

Benefits of the ferry

So, some of the benefits of the ferry service between Antigua and Montserrat are:

  • Convenience: The ferry service is a convenient way to travel between the two islands, especially for travelers who are carrying luggage or vehicles.
  • Affordability: The ferry service is an affordable way to travel between the two islands.
  • Flexibility: The ferry service offers passengers a variety of departure and arrival times, giving them more flexibility in their travel plans.
  • Comfort: The ferry is a modern and comfortable vessel, with plenty of seating and amenities for passengers.

If you are planning a trip to Antigua or Montserrat, be sure to check out the new ferry service. It is a great way to travel between the two islands and experience all that they have to offer. We recommend that you pay attention to the official website of the service to be able to find out about details on the rates and find out about special promotions. On the other hand, if you have interest in ferry trips, we recommend reading about taking the ferry from Antigua to Barbuda.

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