Scooter Snorkeling Antigua

Where can I find Scooter Snorkeling in Antigua and Barbuda?

In Antigua and Barbuda you can find crystal clear waters in which you can go scooter snorkeling. If you love watching the fish and turtles under the sea, here are some places on the island where you can practice this activity.

In the south of the island you will find Galleon beach. The Skylork group operates there. They offer tours to several points: Galley Bay and English Harbour. If you are further southwest on the island, you will find the Stingray City team. They offer scooter snorkeling tours at Cades Reef. Apart from this type of snorkeling they also offer other experiences on the island. 

Other scooter snorkeling specialists are Iaqua Adventures, also located in Galleon Beach. There you discover beautiful corals and marine life. If you are north of Antigua, you can scooter snorkel with the Blue Waters Resort & Spa team. They also offer a number of other activities to enjoy on your trip.

Also in Freeman's Bay, you can find Turtle Beach Power Snorkeling Adventure. Here you can explore the underwater world with ease using a sea scooter, follow a guide to the best places to see marine life and get souvenir photos and enjoy light snacks. On the other hand, also in Galleon beach you have "Swim With Turtles". They will also guide you through these beautiful waters and your experience includes all the necessary equipment and some refreshments.

Note that the scooter snorkeling tours usually depart from these locations and last about 2 hours. They include all necessary equipment such as a scooter, mask, fins and snorkel. Some excursions also include a guide and some refreshments.

If you are wondering what is the best time to go scooter snorkeling in Antigua and Barbuda, it is in the dry season, from December to April. The water is clear and calm at this time, ideal for snorkeling. However, the time of the year is not an impediment for those who love these aquatic activities.

The island of Antigua is characterized by its crystal clear waters and natural beauty, so we know you won't regret experiencing these aquatic activities submerged in the beautiful waters of Antigua.

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