tourists rent boats for recreational use in Antigua

Where can tourists rent boats for recreational use in Antigua? 

In Antigua, tourists can indulge in the joy of recreational boating by accessing boat rental services available at various marinas, resorts, and water sports providers across the island. The prominent English and Falmouth Harbours, as well as Jolly Harbour, are popular hubs where visitors can find reputable boat rental companies. 

These companies offer a diverse fleet of boats, ranging from sailboats and catamarans to motorboats and luxury yachts. Marinas such as Nelson's Dockyard Marina and Jolly Harbour Marina serve as convenient starting points for boat excursions, providing easy access to the turquoise waters surrounding Antigua. Also, check out the best place to rent a boat in Jolly Harbour.

Additionally, many resorts along the coast offer on-site water sports facilities, allowing guests to rent boats directly from the property's beachfront. The flexibility in boat options and rental locations ensures that tourists can tailor their boating experience to suit their preferences and explore Antigua's stunning coastline at their leisure. 

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