The Gardens

Where’s the ultimate real estate hotspot in Jolly Harbour?

Jolly Harbour itself is the hotspot for real estate, but let’s dive deeper into its diverse neighborhoods.

For those craving a vibrant scene, the marina area buzzes with life. Expect waterfront dining, bustling shops, and a lively atmosphere. You can find 1-bedroom properties here starting at XCD 513,017.79.

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If peace and beachfront living are your priorities, look no further than the South Finger and North Finger. Serene villas and houses offer direct beach access and a quintessential Caribbean experience. A 2-bedroom villa on the South Finger can start at XCD 648,001.68.

But wait, there’s more! Harbour Island, emerging as a sought-after destination, offers its own allure. With its unique vibe and evolving development, it’s one to watch for those seeking something fresh in Jolly Harbour. And speaking of fresh opportunities, The Gardens presents a rare chance for discerning buyers. These exclusive plots, the last 36 remaining, come with turnkey construction, design, furnishing, and management in place. Villa prices at The Gardens start at $2,305,818.05 East Caribbean Dollars, offering flexible ownership options. Prices for whole villas can reach up to XCD 4,590,064.31. Plus, a comprehensive management and rental solution is provided for the community of homeowners.

But after exploring these options, can you really settle for just one? For expert guidance in choosing your ideal property, contact Park Lane Properties. They’ll help you navigate this important decision with ease.

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