Which Antigua areas will have mosquito fogging from Dec 11-15, 2023

Which Antigua areas will have mosquito fogging from Dec 11-15, 2023?

Exciting news – the Central Board of Health just dropped the freshest fogging schedule for our Mosquito Control Program from Dec 11-15, 2023. Our superhero? The Vector Control Unit, targeting those adult Aedes aegypti Mosquitos. Here's the deets:

Morning Fogging (4:30 am):

Monday: East Bus Station

Tuesday: Government Complex

Wednesday: Michaels Mount

Thursday: Ovals

Friday: Michaels Village, Otto Newtown, Radio Range

Evening Fogging (4:30 pm):

Monday: Liberta

Tuesday: All Saints

Wednesday: Lower Ottos

Thursday: Martins Village

Friday: Brownes Avenue, Hatton, Ferris Avenue, Cashew Hill

Important Points to Keep in Mind:

If you've got respiratory vibes, take a step back during fogging – we've got you covered! Driving through fogging areas? Cruise carefully for everyone's safety. Rain on the radar? Fogging pauses, but we're back ASAP on the next clear day. Also, another important information for you is to know about the peak times for mosquito activity in Antigua.

Bonus Tip: Keep your space mosquito-free! No standing water and a dash of repellent – that's the secret recipe. Any burning questions or just want to chat about mosquitos? Buzz up the Vector Control Unit at 764-4327. Let's team up for a buzz-free and healthier community. Your vibes matter!

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