fewer mosquitoes in Jolly Harbour

Why are there fewer mosquitoes in Jolly Harbour compared to other places in Antigua?

Yes, we can confirm that there are fewer mosquitoes in Jolly Harbour compared to other places in Antigua. This is because there are private initiatives that are working very hard with anti-mosquito measures to reduce the diseases spread by these insects, increase the quality of life and make this place more attractive to investors, potential residents and tourists.

Jolly Harbour is a place with a lot of economic potential and at the same time very attractive for its beauty, security and good quality of life. So, CDAL (Caribbean Development Antigua Ltd.) is committed to safeguarding the community in Jolly Harbour by implementing proactive measures to address the mosquito population. With a primary focus on mitigating the prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases, CDAL has developed a thorough and well-researched strategy.

At the forefront of this comprehensive program is the deployment of specialized vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art fogging equipment. These vehicles ensure the effective dispersal of mosquito control substances throughout Jolly Harbour. The treatments are meticulously planned and follow a strategic schedule devised by CDAL, with a specific emphasis on targeting areas where mosquitoes are most problematic.

By adopting cutting-edge technology and adhering to a carefully crafted plan, CDAL aims to create a safer and healthier environment for residents and visitors alike. This commitment reflects CDAL's dedication to community well-being and underscores the importance of proactive measures in addressing public health concerns related to mosquitoes in Jolly Harbour.

Thus, measures such as these make Jolly Harbour a much more attractive place. This place, located on the west coast of the island, stands out from the other regions of Antigua and Barbuda. If you are interested in relocating to this area, we recommend you read more about the opportunities available for those interested in investing in Jolly Harbour property.

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