Are there special stops or routes for private buses

Are there special stops or routes for private buses?

In Antigua, private buses often operate without fixed routes or special stops. Unlike public buses, which adhere to set schedules and designated stops, private buses typically cater to specific events, group charters, or custom itineraries. These buses are a popular choice for group outings, weddings, and excursions, providing flexibility in transportation arrangements. Also, find out if it is worth taking the bus to get around the island.

Private buses in Antigua are known for their adaptability, allowing groups to personalize their travel experience. Whether it's a scenic tour, a corporate event, or a wedding party, private buses can be arranged to accommodate specific routes tailored to the group's preferences. This flexibility extends to the choice of stops, enabling passengers to explore destinations that align with their interests and schedules. 

While private buses may not have fixed routes with regular stops like public transportation, they offer a bespoke travel experience designed to meet the unique needs of each group. For those seeking the freedom to explore Antigua on their terms, private buses provide a convenient and customizable transportation option. 

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