How does Antigua's cost of living compare to Nevis for retirement

How does Antigua’s cost of living compare to Nevis for retirement?

When deciding where to kick back for retirement between Antigua and Barbuda and Nevis, you gotta consider the dollars and cents. Antigua and Barbuda come in clutch with a cost of living averaging XCD 3.165 – that's 4% less than what you'd dish out in Saint Kitts and Nevis (XCD 3.305).

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So, why might Antigua and Barbuda be your retiree haven? Well, aside from the obvious perks of great weather and jaw-dropping beaches, there's the added bonus of living on the cheap. The vibe is laid-back, life moves at a leisurely pace, and the locals are as friendly as it gets, creating a perfect spot for retirees.

What's cool about putting down roots in Antigua and Barbuda is the wallet-friendly living compared to other Caribbean spots. Your day-to-day expenses, grub, and a cozy spot to crash won't break the bank, making it a top pick for retirees working with a fixed income. And let's not forget about healthcare – top-notch quality that won't wipe out your savings. 

But here's the real kicker – Antigua and Barbuda's got this nifty citizenship by investment deal. Kick in a bit to the nation's economy, and you're on your way to scoring a second passport. That opens doors to visa-free travel, possible tax perks, and a smorgasbord of investment options.

Retiring in Antigua and Barbuda means soaking up the tropical vibes, enjoying a budget-friendly lifestyle and maybe snagging a second passport. It's the kind of mix that puts Antigua and Barbuda on the map for your dream retirement – chill vibes, affordability, and exciting possibilities all rolled into one.

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