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Where can Jolly Harbour homeowners find an stress-free interior design specialist?

Homeowners in Jolly Harbour can rely on Elmsbridge Design's dedicated team to meticulously coordinate every detail necessary for turning their dream of livable luxury into reality. When an Elmsbridge home is chosen, the collaborative process begins by working closely with the homeowner to finalize the finish and review the selected furnishing package. Therefore, the team provides assistance in making choices where needed, ensuring a stress-free experience.

So, to initiate the process, Elmsbridge engages with domestic, regional, and international suppliers, each thoroughly vetted for quality and suitability in the environment. With many years of experience, a reliable supply chain has been established to effectively serve the island.

The comprehensive services provided by Elmsbridge are designed to enhance the homeownership experience

  • Finish Options: Drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings of each community, Elmsbridge offers a diverse palette of finish options, providing homeowners with choices that align with their preferences.

  • Furnishing Packages: Curated packages are available to fully furnish new homes, including everything from appliances to window treatments, ensuring a smooth transition into the new living space.

  • Ordering, Coordination, and Installation: Elmsbridge streamlines the entire process by placing final orders with both local and international suppliers. The team takes care of organizing shipping, delivery, and full installation, ensuring that everything is in place before the homeowner settles into the new villa.

So, for those interested in personalized options, The Gardens stands as a prime example of Elmsbridge's commitment to customization. Homeowners have the opportunity to tailor their villas, turning their dream house into a reality. To explore the portfolio and witness the successful execution of personalized villas, prospective homeowners are encouraged to review projects like The Gardens on Jolly Harbour. Does it catch your attention? Also, find out how long it takes to buy a property in Antigua!

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