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How do villa rental markets in Jolly Harbour compare to those in English Harbour?

Comparing the rental markets of Jolly Harbour and English Harbour reveals notable distinctions. Jolly Harbour stands out as a year-round destination with a vibrant atmosphere and various dining options. In contrast, English Harbour experiences a decline in activity after mid-May, marked by business closures during the low season, particularly in bars and restaurants. Yacht departures contribute to this trend.

Jolly Harbour's waterside villas, especially those on the South Finger, offer exceptional value for money. A two-bedroom waterfront villa in Jolly Harbour typically starts from XCD 3.800 per month.

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On the other hand, English Harbour's rental market, with prices starting at XCD 4.600, may face limitations due to the seasonal closures and reduced options for dining and entertainment. When considering accommodation preferences, the spacious and well-equipped Jolly Harbour villas provide an attractive alternative, allowing residents to enjoy the extra space and a variety of dining experiences, even within a reasonable budget.

If you find yourself weighing options between Jolly Harbour and English Harbour for renting, having a professional team in the area can significantly impact your decision. Consider consulting with experts, such as those at Park Lane, who can guide you in finding your dream home in Antigua. This assistance becomes invaluable, ensuring you make an informed choice tailored to your preferences and needs

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