Best pizza at St John's

Best pizza in St John’s?

We agree that there is always room for a pizza. Adults and children like it. Therefore, in St. John's you can enjoy a delicious pizza at these recommended places.

To start, you can delight yourself with Pizza Box. Customers know this place for its delicious pizza, friendly service, and affordable prices. Its clients have highlighted the place for having a good atmosphere, being clean and offering quality service. Also with good references you get the Big Bite. Its fame is due to its delicious and affordable food, as well as its convenient locations.

Another well-recommended place on Google is Bitar 2 Pizza & Fast Food. The menu at this restaurant offers a wide range of pizzas, including both classic and specialty pizzas. This restaurant is located in a very accessible and easy location. Very close to Bitar 2 Pizza & Fast Food is also Enzo's Restaurant. This place also offers fresh and varied pizzas. It has vegetarian options and pizzas with toppings such as cheese, pepperoni, chicken, shrimp, and American and Mexican style pizzas.

In St. John’s You can also find the classic Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut chains. On their menus you find both classic pizzas and those offered by the house, in the original Domino's or Pizza Hut style. In these chains you find options for meat lovers, veggie lovers, BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian lovers, and much more. By the way, find out more about fast food in St John's!

Another restaurant, which, apart from another variety of foods, offers pizza, is Big Banana. Customers widely recognize this place for its delicious food, friendly service, and lively atmosphere. They offer vegetarian, American, Mediterranean, classic pizzas, etc. You can go with your family and children and enjoy a delicious pizza in this place. On the other hand, here you also find a wide variety of drinks and cocktails.

So, if you are a pizza lover in St. John's you will not run out of options to try. You already know some of the recognized places to enjoy your favorite food in this city.

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