Places to have breakfast at St John’s

Places to have breakfast at St John’s?

If you are enjoying the Caribbean city of St John's, you can delight yourself in the mornings with a local or international style breakfast. We share with you a series of places to have breakfast at St John's that will satisfy your appetite in the morning.

Firstly, If you're the type that consistently eats breakfast with well-served dishes, you can make a visit to Waffle Kingdom. The menu of this restaurant includes a wide variety of sweet and savory waffles. Some of the most popular waffles include everything from fruit and chocolates to a savory side like chicken. It even includes pancakes, omelettes, sandwiches and salads. Google reviews highly recommend this spot.

Secondly, choose Delicieux Cafe for your morning coffee. For breakfast, you can select from a variety of pastries, omelets, sandwiches, and pancakes. The coffee and tea drinks are delicious and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. This cafe is located more or less close to the Antigua Cruise Port.

Moreover, this selection of places to have breakfast at St John's continues! If you're hungry for a good cappuccino and pancakes in the morning, visit Cafe Bella. Also, there you can find a range of coffee and tea drinks, fresh juices and smoothies. This is a cozy place where you can go with your travel group or family, to start your morning with a sweet and delicious touch.

Furthermore, there is a place where you can find other types of food. It is Delicatesse! The menu includes a selection of sandwiches, quesadillas, bagels, wraps, pancakes and more. In fact, you can accompany these dishes with a delicious coffee, hot chocolate, tea or any other fruit drink. Also, Google reviews prominently showcase this place, and it conveniently sits in downtown St. John's, ensuring easy accessibility.

Another option to delight you a little more with waffles is Oyanta's Waffle House. The menu of this house specializes in waffles, as indicated by its name. Some of the toppings could be chocolates, creams, fruits, syrups, and more. This place is ideal to go with family and children. This is an option that you will see well-rated.

So, if you travel to Antigua, you should recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. Write down these restaurant options for breakfast and take advantage of the good coffee that the island offers you.

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