Secure Your Kids' Education on a Digital Nomad Visa in Antigua & Barbuda.

Can My Kids Attend School While I Am On A Digital Nomad Visa in Antigua and Barbuda?

So, you have decided to become a digital nomad and live the dream in Antigua and Barbuda. But wait a second, what about your little rascals? Can they still hit the books while you get your work done in a beachside cafe? We are here to answer that burning question: Can my kids attend school while I am living it up on a Digital Nomad Visa in Antigua and Barbuda? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Digital Nomad Visa is not just a golden ticket for remote workers, but also a gateway to a new lifestyle for your family. Imagine trading office cubicles for sandy shores, palm trees, and maybe even a few coconuts. Antigua and Barbuda, the stunning twin-island nation in the Caribbean, rolled out this visa program in 2021 to attract globe-trotting professionals like yourself, offering a unique opportunity for your children to experience a different culture and environment. While you are busy living the laptop lifestyle, your kids can tag along for the adventure without missing out on their education.

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! The Digital Nomad Visa, a secure pathway for remote workers, ensures that your children's education is not compromised. Education in this beautiful country is compulsory. This means that children of digital nomads between the ages of 5 and 16 cannot only attend school but are required to attend school for the duration of the visa. This way, your kids will not miss a beat in education but will also be able to spend their childhood in a tropical paradise. The only technicality is that they have to enroll in private schools.

Enrolling your kids in school in Antigua and Barbuda is as easy as catching a breeze on a sunny day. Once you have secured your Digital Nomad Residence Visa, simply select the school you want to enroll your kids and apply for a student permit from the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Immigration. Once all the paperwork is sorted, your kids will be ready to dive into their new island school experience.

Of course, as with any schooling adventure, some fees are involved. In addition to the tuition and any other fees charged by your chosen educational institution, you must also factor in the Student Permit fees mandated by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. These fees ensure that your children are legally permitted to study on the island while you’re living the digital nomad dream.

Navigating the ins and outs of a Digital Nomad Visa, enrolling your kids in school, and handling all the necessary permits can feel overwhelming. That’s why companies like Citizens International specialize in helping digital nomads just like you navigate the bureaucratic waters with ease. With experienced professionals at your side, taking care of your permit and your kiddos becomes easy. 

So, why stress when you can sit back, relax, and let the experts handle it? It is time to pack your bags and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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