Can you recommend waterfront restaurants in Jolly Harbour

Can you recommend waterfront restaurants in Jolly Harbour?

Yes, fortunately we can recommend waterfront restaurants in Jolly Harbour. Prepare your trip and itinerary in Jolly Harbour including choosing favorite restaurants and making your reservations in advance so you don't run out of room for yourself. Here are a number of waterfront restaurants in Jolly Harbour.

We start by recommending The Pop-Up Beach Bar. Here you can enjoy a relaxing evening with a spectacular ocean view. From Sunday to Wednesday, its hours are from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. And from Thursday to Saturday they work from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Here you will find drinks and snacks on hand while enjoying the rich beach in Jolly Harbour. On the menu you will find seafood, snacks, burgers, tacos, and more. To drink, there is a range of sparkling, white, red and rose wines, as well as beer and other classic and island cocktails.

On the other hand, another restaurant with an excellent ocean view in Jolly Harbor is Sandra's Beach Shop Bar and Grill. Here you find vegan options, salads, pastas, meats, snacks, and other options. In addition, they offer special cocktails and smoothies for the little ones in the house. In addition, they also do entertainment activities on specific days, as well as karaoke, live music and Bingo rounds. They work every day from 9 in the morning to midnight.

In third place, with a beautiful view of the sea and the port of Jolly Harbour, is the Al Porto restaurant. This place is highly recommended by its visitors. They offer delicious Italian food, with a wide variety of pastas and Mediterranean marine flavors. Also, salads, pizzas, and other flavors from the Italian boot. They work every day, from noon until 11 at night.

So, here we mention some restaurants with ocean views. However, you should know that there are many more options in Jolly Harbour, this piece of the west of the island of Antigua that has it all in one place. We recommend you see our complete list of restaurants in Jolly Harbor and its surroundings.

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