How much does it cost to fly from Puerto Rico to Antigua

How much does it cost to fly from Puerto Rico to Antigua?

The cost to fly from Puerto Rico to Antigua will be starting at XCD 270. These new flights are operated by Silver Airways. Thus, the air transport service will begin on November 16, 2023. These are the initial prices indicated by the airline. However, keep in mind that this is the initial cost, and that later there may be adjustments to this value. Calculate other popular currencies here!

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From XCD

So, now the residents and tourists of both islands will once again have direct flights between the two islands. This is greatly facilitating development between these Caribbean regions. 

Previously there were direct flights, operated by Seaborne Airways. However, this service stopped due to the Covid-19 epidemic and had not been resumed until now. Therefore, there were only flights with connecting flights between other airports. These flights with stopovers are normally operated by the airlines: Winair, InterCaribbean Airways and Tradewind Aviation. However, now these direct flights are very beneficial and helpful for the residents and tourists of both islands.

Flight Schedules

Moreover, the new flight schedule is more flexible, so it can fit your travel plans better. You can fly on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, which gives you options. Flying from Puerto Rico at 5:05 pm and arriving in Antigua at 6:35 pm is easy because it lets you end your day and get to your place to stay without a rush. On the way back, the flight from Antigua is at 8 am, so you have time to check out, maybe go for a swim or do some shopping. You'll be in Puerto Rico at 9:30 am, so you can catch other flights, get back home, or start your day there.

Once in Antigua, there are many interesting activities to enjoy. If you are going to enjoy the crystal clear waters, and if you love outdoor activities, we recommend you to see where to go snorkeling in Jolly Harbour.

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