Is there free wifi at the Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard

Is there free wifi at the Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard?

Yes! There is free wifi at the Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard. Caribbean's premier marina and boatyard, is pleased to offer complimentary onboard WiFi to its clients. This service allows guests to stay connected while enjoying all that Jolly Harbour has to offer, from sailing and fishing to shopping and dining.

To access the complimentary WiFi, clients simply need to visit the Marina Office to obtain their personal WiFi code once they have settled into their dock. The WiFi signal is strong and reliable throughout the marina, so guests can stay connected wherever they are.

In addition to the marina's complimentary WiFi, many restaurants and bars in Jolly Harbour also offer complimentary WiFi to patrons. This means that guests can stay connected even when they're out and about exploring the area. By the way, to make your search easier, here is the list of Restaurants in Jolly Harbour. Don't miss a moment of your visit to Antigua.

Tips for using WiFi at Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard

  • Make sure you have your personal WiFi code. You can obtain your personal WiFi code from the Marina Office.
  • Connect to the "Jolly Harbour Marina" WiFi network. This is the name of the marina's WiFi network.
  • Enter your personal WiFi code. Once you have connected to the "Jolly Harbour Marina" WiFi network, you will be prompted to enter your personal WiFi code.
  • Enjoy the internet! Once you have entered your personal WiFi code, you can start using the internet.

If you have any problems connecting to or using the complimentary WiFi at Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard, please contact the Marina Office for assistance. Furthermore, Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard proudly stands as the Caribbean's foremost destination for marina services and amenities. With a dedicated team of courteous and professional experts, they embody a "can-do" attitude, ensuring that every visitor's stay is not just comfortable but truly enjoyable. Your experience at Jolly Harbour promises relaxation and the ultimate in marina hospitality. You are welcome to Jolly Harbour Marina & Boatyard!

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