When do direct flights from Puerto Rico to Antigua begin

When do direct flights from Puerto Rico to Antigua begin?

The new direct flights from Puerto Rico to Antigua begin on November 16th, 2023. Silver Airways operates these flights. It is worth noting that prior to the global pandemic, travelers between Antigua and Puerto Rico enjoyed direct connectivity through the well-established Seaborne Airways. This seamless connection allowed passengers to hop between these two captivating Caribbean destinations with ease, facilitating tourism, business and family reunions. The convenience of direct flights was a key feature that made travel between these islands so accessible and enjoyable.

However, just before the outbreak of the pandemic (Covid-19), a pivotal change occurred in the airline industry. So, Silver Airways, a respected player in the regional aviation scene, acquired Seaborne Airways. This acquisition marked a significant shift in the dynamics of air travel in the region. As the travel industry responded to the challenges posed by the pandemic, it temporarily suspended many flight routes, leading to unprecedented disruptions in connectivity between various destinations.

So, the renewed flight schedule offers flexibility to cater to a variety of traveler preferences and itineraries. These direct flights are available on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, providing a range of options to suit your specific travel needs. The flight schedule is convenient for travelers. Departures from Puerto Rico at 5:05 pm and arrivals in Antigua at 6:35 pm make it stress-free to end your day and settle into your accommodations. Therefore, on the return trip, the 8 am flight from Antigua allows you to check out, perhaps swim, or shop before reaching Puerto Rico at 9:30 am for onward connections or starting your day back home.

Other flights

On the other hand, it's worth noting that airlines operated flights between the two islands, but these flights included stopovers at other airports. Some of the airlines that operate with connecting flights, without direct flights, are: InterCaribbean Airways, Tradewind Aviation, Winair, among other companies.

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