Mystic Sunset Cruise in Antigua

How much does the Mystic Sunset Cruise in Antigua cost?

The Mystic Sunset Cruise in Antigua, designed for a 2.5-hour journey and priced at XCD 230 for adults, embarks on an exploration of the island's captivating sunset vistas. As you step onto the catamaran, a welcoming glass of sparkling wine awaits from the open bar.

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During this leisurely cruise, passengers have the option to unwind on the sun deck or find a cozy corner to absorb the serene atmosphere. Navigating through calm waters, the Mystic unveils Antigua's coastline, adorned with palm-fringed shores, pristine white-sand beaches, and lush green hills.

Accompanied by a backdrop of soothing music, the cruise creates an idyllic setting for relaxation. The 2.5-hour journey allows passengers to witness the sun's graceful descent over the horizon, providing a perfect moment to savor and, perhaps, raise a toast to the beauty of the Caribbean twilight. As you like this topic, see the latest information on where can tourists rent boats for recreational use in Antigua.

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