How to prepare for hurricane season in Antigua

How to prepare for hurricane season in Antigua?

The 2023 hurricane season has already begun in the Caribbean. Therefore, we show here a little of the forecasts to take into account being in Antigua and Barbuda. 

First of all, you should be very attentive to the country's official news and communications. Many times, authorities announce to the public about possible hurricane risks and measures to take to stay safe. Secondly, always have information and emergency telephone contacts at hand in case of any unexpected eventuality.

Third, have supplies of water and long-lasting food on hand. Be prepared for not having access to the supermarket, with food in good condition that can sustain you for several days. Fourth, secure doors and windows. Secure objects in your space that could be dangerous in the event of an unexpected flood.

In addition, keep flashlights, personal medicines and first aid kits in secure containers that you can easily access. On the other hand, keep your important documents in a safe and waterproof place, protected against humidity or water. Also, in the face of a hurricane it is important that you have prepared a bag with blankets, pillows and extra clothing for evacuation and transportation to a shelter away from home. Moreover, always stay in communication. keep your phone with enough charge on hand for any unexpected event.

Lastly, do not put your life at risk. If you find it necessary to leave your home in an emergency, do so and go to a safe shelter. Unity, social action and help to those most affected is an ever-present call of citizenship. If you have not been directly affected and have the opportunity to help others, just do it.

Thus, we always recommend you to follow the security protocols of your authorities.To do so, take their steps for the return home. It is recommended to document (photos and videos) your space if seriously damaged, as you may need these images for any insurance program. 

If you think it is not safe to enter your accommodation and there are objects in the area that put your stay there at risk, report it to your authorities or volunteer firefighters to find out if you can receive help from these special bodies.

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