Fire that Storm Philippe caused

How was the fire that Storm Philippe caused?

Storm Philippe, during the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, caused a lightning strike that started some major fires in English Harbour. Apart from the flooding, evacuations and requests for help, one of the most tragic consequences was the burning of several businesses in the Yacht Club Marina area. So, this was the fire that Storm Philippe caused.

As a result, a fire engulfed several businesses, including the Sea Breeze Café, Cloggy's Restaurant, Skullduggery's Café,  Turtles Surf, the marina office,  the Sea Breeze Café, the Antigua Yacht Club gym, Axxess Marine, Dockside Liquors and Supermarket, and BWA Yachting Ltd, which also caught fire. 

As a result of this weather phenomenon, Philippe, approximately 100 people lost their jobs due to this unfortunate event. This number of unemployed may increase in the coming days. Thankfully, this natural disaster did not result in any casualties. Among those affected, they indicate that they have been working for many years in these businesses. So, they speak of 12, 19 and even 30 years in this business industry destroyed by the flames. 

The Antigua Yacht Club

Moreover, the Antigua Yacht Club holds a storied history, with its founding dating back to 1967. The club hosted various activities such as social work, sailing, water sports competitions, and more. If you felt a connection with these pursuits, you had the opportunity to become an official club member or even a sponsor. As a result, this incident has deeply impacted the entire affected community. Nevertheless, they have displayed remarkable resilience and determination to rebuild this cherished institution.

Estimates indicate that the storm reached peak winds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. However, we are still awaiting further information from official sources that will provide additional details regarding the case and the consequences of Tropical Storm Philippe.

On the other hand, many of the island's inhabitants indicate that they do not remember having experienced such a strong storm with such disastrous consequences in recent years. The inhabitants remain alert and are providing aid to those most affected, many of whom are in shelters.

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