Consequences of the Philippe Storm in Antigua

Any consequences of the Philippe Storm in Antigua?

Oh yes! The Philippe Storm in Antigua has brought about unforeseen consequences. Philippe, a hurricane that formed in the Atlantic Ocean, was one of the most unpredictable storms in recent history in Antigua, making it difficult for forecasters to predict its path and intensity. We didn't know if this storm was really going to affect Antigua that much. 

One of the drawbacks was that the National Hurricane Center institute was unable to determine the course of the storm from the start, as the storm twisted and turned from side to side, never moving north. This made it difficult for meteorologists to warn residents of possible dangers. Then, due to the storm, there were many cases of flooding and strong winds, shaking everything in its path. Fortunately, there have been no reported fatalities thus far.

Emphasizing that the storm triggered a lightning strike in English Harbour, it set fire to structures like the Antigua Yacht Club Gym, Cloggy's restaurant, Skullduggery's Café, the Sea Breeze Café, Turtles Surf, and others in the vicinity. This incident constitutes an unfortunate disaster, but there have been no reported injuries thus far.

Afterward, nobody truly anticipated that this storm would result in these tragic fires, rendering approximately 100 people unemployed instantly. To speak of the major impacts, there was loss of communications network, power failure, thunderstorms, evacuations, several 911 emergency calls. Additionally, shelter centers actively assist individuals evacuated from their homes.

Furthermore, numerous flights, particularly those operated by LIAT Airlines, faced cancellations or delays. Therefore, they strongly advise contacting the airlines to confirm any upcoming flights, as delays or significant changes in transportation are likely during these seasons.

The Atlantic hurricane season spans from June to November, and experts anticipate these events during this season. Therefore, all the inhabitants are preparing in the best way to combat these natural phenomena. Also, they keep fighting to be as little harmed as possible.

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