In Jolly Harbour, what's the cost per square foot for homes with private pools

In Jolly Harbour, what’s the cost per square foot for homes with private pools?

Embarking on a journey through Caribbean real estate, where property prices dance to the tune of type and size, The Gardens in Jolly Harbour, Antigua, emerges as an exemplar of luxury living harmonized with privacy.

At the heart of The Gardens lies its exceptional villas, meticulously designed to invite an open and comforting atmosphere. High ceilings and well-placed windows create a bright ambiance, seamlessly blending with the tropical allure of the surroundings. A standout feature of The Gardens is the individual pools adorning each villa, accompanied by expansive decks for moments of relaxation. The option to include a guest cottage adds versatility, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

True to its name, The Gardens surrounds each villa with carefully curated tropical vegetation, ensuring not just an aesthetic appeal but also maximum privacy. The lush greenery acts as a natural boundary, transforming each villa into a secluded retreat within the Caribbean paradise.

In terms of pricing, The Gardens extends an attractive proposition. With an average cost of XCD 3.712.500 for a spacious 2,539.00 square feet villa, translating to approximately XCD 1.460 per square foot, this community stands out as a compelling option for those desiring luxury living in Jolly Harbour without exceeding their budget.

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A shining example of Villas with Private Pools for sale, The Gardens is developed by Elmsbridge, adding an extra layer of assurance and quality to the project. Beyond The Gardens, Jolly Harbour offers a vibrant community with easy access to schools, grocery stores, and essential services. The marina, one of the Caribbean’s largest, further enhances the appeal, offering a comprehensive living experience.

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