Is it worth staying at Weatherills Hotel Antigua

Is it worth staying at Weatherills Hotel Antigua?

Indeed it is! It is worth staying at Weatherills Hotel Antigua. This place is located exactly in St. John's. It is a boutique hotel located in the Cedar Grove area of Antigua. It is situated on a 40-acre estate that once housed a sugar plantation. The hotel has been carefully restored and now offers guests a truly unique and luxurious experience.

In addition, guests at Weatherills Hotel Antigua can enjoy a variety of activities, including swimming, hiking and golf. The hotel also offers a variety of spa services, which can be enjoyed in the hotel's spa room or in the comfort of your own room. 

On the other hand, this accommodation offers a total of seven bedrooms. The main space of this hotel has four bedrooms, and there are three more suites in the nearby former carriage quarters, dating from the 17th century. Some original furnishings, such as a large display case on the second floor, and the flooring remain. Also original are most of the shutters and some latticework. 

The hotel also has a restaurant, which serves a variety of international cuisine with a Caribbean twist. In this culinary house, you have breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. For breakfast, you can try dishes such as continental breakfast, English breakfast and a variety of pancakes. Then, for lunch, you find options such as: seafood, Italian dishes, sandwiches, soups and salads. Finally, for dinner, this restaurant offers dishes such as grilled meats and seafood, Mediterranean and Caribbean appetizers, soups and salads.

This main dining area (the restaurant) is complemented by the Lobby Lounge and the Lawn Bar. This Lobby Lounge features a wide variety of refreshing beverages such as local cocktails, beers and wines. On the other hand, the Lawn Bar offers an outdoor terrace, with a relaxing and musical atmosphere. Here you can also enjoy cocktails and other drinks, as well as some tapas and snacks. This space is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays from 3pm to 9pm.

This hotel offers a luxury experience. It has beautiful green gardens and has access to the northwest beaches of the island, as well as Dickenson Bay Beach, Bush Bay and Blue Waters Beach. 

As this hotel has a very limited number of rooms, we recommend that you contact them directly for more information on reservations. You are sure to have an unforgettable experience in this northern part of Antigua. 

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