best place to get married in Antigua for a ceremony with around 60 people

What’s the best place to get married in Antigua for a ceremony with around 60 people?

Antigua, known for its pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets, is an excellent choice for a destination wedding. For a wedding with around 60 people, consider the following locations:

  1. Galley Bay Resort & Spa: This is a stunning location for a beach wedding. The resort offers wedding packages that include a dedicated wedding team to ensure all details are taken care of. With its beautiful beachfront and lush gardens, it provides a picturesque backdrop for your special day.
  2. The Copper and Lumber Store Historic Inn: If you prefer a more historic setting, this venue located in Nelson's Dockyard offers a unique and charming atmosphere. The Inn is an iconic part of Antigua's history, and its intimate setting is perfect for a wedding ceremony.
  3. Jumby Bay Island: This private island resort offers an exclusive and luxurious setting for a wedding. With stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and exquisite dining options, it's an unforgettable location for a wedding.
  4. Sugar Ridge Resort: This hillside resort offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the neighboring islands. They offer custom wedding packages and have a dedicated wedding coordinator to help plan your dream wedding.
  5. Carlisle Bay: Located on the south coast of Antigua, Carlisle Bay offers a serene and beautiful backdrop for your wedding. With a stunning beach, lush rainforest, and exceptional service, it's a perfect choice for an intimate wedding.

Each of these venues offers unique benefits, so consider your personal style, budget, and preferences when making a decision.

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