What is the price of Canadian balsam Christmas trees at Epicurean in Antigua

What is the price of Canadian balsam Christmas trees at Epicurean in Antigua?

Absolutely! So, if you're looking for that perfect Canadian balsam Christmas tree to bring some festive magic into your home, Epicurean in Antigua has got you covered. Here's the lowdown:

Type: Canadian Balsam Christmas Tree


Special Balsam: 5-7 feet
Premium Balsam: 6-7 feet
Premium Balsam: 7-8 feet
Premium Balsam: 8-9 feet
Premium Balsam: 9-10 feet
Premium Balsam: 10-12 feet
Premium Balsam: 12-14 feet

Special Balsam (5-7 feet): Unfortunately, it's already SOLD OUT.
Premium Balsam (6-7 feet): Priced at a friendly $454.95 (XCD)
Premium Balsam (7-8 feet): SOLD OUT, they went like hotcakes!
Premium Balsam (8-9 feet): Yours for $754.95
Premium Balsam (9-10 feet): SOLD OUT, sorry about that!
Premium Balsam (10-12 feet): A splendid choice at $1,494.95
Premium Balsam (12-14 feet): The grandest of the bunch, priced at $1,794.95

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Just remember, these prices are as cozy as the holiday season itself. But, be quick—some sizes are already out the door! For the most cheerful and current details, give Epicurean a call or swing by their store. Let the holiday decorating festivities begin! By the way, find out if does Epicurean in Antigua sell Christmas decorations.

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