the signature cocktail of Antigua and Barbuda

What’s the signature cocktail of Antigua and Barbuda?

In Antigua and Barbuda, the cocktail that takes center stage as a local favorite and a must-try for visitors is the famous "Rum Punch." This delightful concoction captures the essence of the Caribbean, blending the bold flavors of rum with a refreshing medley of tropical juices.

The traditional Antiguan Rum Punch typically comprises a generous pour of local rum, often the renowned Antigua Distillery's Cavalier, providing a robust and authentic island kick. Complementing the rum, you'll find a perfect harmony of freshly squeezed lime juice, offering a zesty twist that balances the sweetness.

To enhance the tropical experience, a splash of grenadine syrup is added, infusing a burst of vibrant color and a hint of sweetness. The final touch comes with the addition of a secret ingredient - the famous Antiguan pineapple juice. This addition not only brings a taste of the sun-soaked Caribbean but also contributes to the cocktail's irresistibly smooth and fruity profile.

When seeking the ultimate Rum Punch experience in Antigua and Barbuda, many locals and visitors alike recommend checking out the popular beach bars and waterfront establishments scattered across the islands. Shirley Heights Lookout and Dennis Cocktail Bar and Restaurant have earned a reputation for skillfully crafting some of the finest Rum Punches. As you indulge in this signature beverage, you can savor stunning views that serve as a captivating backdrop.

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